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EPS foam makes a good material for miniature buildings for dioramas or miniatures battles. Small building models also make excellent decorations for Fairy gardens, cinematic miniatures for miniature photography, or stage landscapes.

A selection of miniature buildings from various historical eras are shown here, as examples. Foam can best simulate stone or plastered structures, rather than wooden or metal ones. Model kits come disassembled, in raw foam. Assembly and finishing instructions are included.

To design your own styrofoam miniature models, draw up a set of detailed drawings and fax or mail them to us for a pricing estimate.

Please do not ask for minatures of a trademarked property (For example, Castle Greyskull, Jabba the Hut's palace, or Walt Disney's Cindarella Castle) as we cannot make them unless you are the owner of the trademark.

Keep in mind that fancy details cannot be reproduced at very small scale in foam, and are best added afterward in plaster or painted on.

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